Land of Sybaris Ultra Premium ist ein hypoallergenisches Hundefutter, geeignet für alle Hunderassen und jedes Hundealter. Es enthält nur natürliche Zutaten und frisches Entenfleisch und wird ohne Getreide hergestellt. 
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Without meat meals or cereals. Made from fresh duck meat

Land of Sybaris is a luxury, grain free hypoallergenic dog food made from only the best fresh meats, without meat meals or cereals.  Every ingredient has been selected with care and included in appropriate quantities, to provide your dog with the very best nutrition possible.

As part of your family we believe that your dog deserves nutritious and digestible protein to live a long and happy life, as well as for strong muscle development and healthy metabolism. Whilst most foods contain highly processed meals, made from some of the more undesirable animal by-products, we have chosen to use fresh duck and fresh eggs as our primary sources of protein. Since they have not previously been frozen or cooked they maintain their nutritional value and superior palatability, and are rich in natural nutrients such as glucosamine & chondroitin. Also, in order to minimize costs, many meals contain very high levels of bone which your dog does not need. By using only fresh meat we are able to blend different cuts to precisely meet your dog’s mineral requirement, and in a natural bioavailable form. We also select local producers where possible, from farms with excellent welfare standards and extensive rearing practices. 

Carbohydrates play an essential part in our dog food. They provide texture for teeth cleaning, sustained and gradual energy provision, satiety to ensure your dog is not constantly hungry, and a wonderful baked flavour and aroma that dog crave. 

Land of Sybaris does not contain cereals, which are used in vast quantities in most commercial foods, and instead have carefully selected ancient seeds, pulses & tubers (such as quinoa, Puy lentils, amaranth, peas & sweet potato) that have been staple ingredients for many civilisations around the world for centuries. Apart from their gluten-free, hypoallergenic properties, they possess lower Glycaemic Index values that reduce the risk of diabetes and excessive weight gain, and provide controlled energy throughout the day to avoid obesity. As we know too well with our own food, continual high intakes of bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice can lead to excessive weight gain whereas lentils, pulses, seeds and sweet potatoes often form part of wholesome, calorie controlled diets.

A key decision in the formulation of our food was whether to follow the popular trend of adding minute quantities of many fruits and vegetables for marketing purposes, or choose a small selection of high quality ingredients with known nutritional benefits. In the end the decision was simple. A pinch of apple and a sprinkle of broccoli will never benefit your dog however, the powerful antioxidant properties ofgoji, blueberry, and cranberry, included in substantial quantities, will no doubt promote health and vitality. Also, our naturally dried, rubbed herbs (nettle, dandelion & peppermint) have been selected to promote digestion, and our spices (turmeric, cinnamon & ginger) have been known for many years to aid the control of blood sugar, and provide a tonic for metabolism and digestion. Norwegian ascophyllum seaweed is added for its prebiotic properties and yucca Shidigera extract for its deodorizing ability and, once again, they have been carefully selected for their purity and quality.

To complement the flavour of our meats we use a refined local duck fat that dogs find irresistible. As well as providing a rich source of omega-6 oils, it is also an important source of energy. 

Land of Sybaris contains selected pure, cold-pressed salmon oilproduced from fish reared in the cold, clear waters of the Norwegian fjords, as a source of the essential omega-3 oils, DHA and EPA. Both oils are used to coat the kibbles, thereby avoiding the cooking process which can denature and destroy many of their beneficial qualities. Furthermore, rather than use synthetic preservatives, such as ethoxyquin and BHT, which are so common in our dogs’ food, we use natural alternatives like rosemary extract and vitamin E.

To boost palatability even further we have selected a small range of ingredients designed to naturally enhance the flavours of the meat. Yeast & malt extracts, and cooked duck liver (digest) are added to compliment the savoury, meaty tastes and aromas that your dog will find irresistible. Organic honey and apple cider vinegar also have a long history of beneficial use in human nutrition however, due to their high cost, they are rarely used in pet food recipes. Besides their health and digestive benefits they provide a little natural sweetness and acidity to enhance flavours already present, and help to stabilise the digestive environment to promote the growth of healthy bacteria. A small but carefully selected range of essential vitamins and organic minerals complete and perfectly balance the recipe, ensuring that your dog’s nutritional requirements are fully met.

Crude Protein 26% ; Oils & Fats 15% ; Crude Ash 6% ; Crude Fibres 3.5%

Fresh Duck Meat, Sweet Potato, Yellow Peas, Refined Duck Fat (stabilised with tocopherols), Split Puy Lentils, Whole Fresh Eggs, Amaranth, Whole Quinoa Seed, Norwegian Salmon Oil, Yeasts Extracts, Malt Extract, Ascophyllum Seaweed, Fresh Organic Honey, Organic Cider Vinegar, Prebiotic MOS & FOS, Cranberries, Blueberries, Goji Berries, Organic Herbs (Rubbed Dandelion Herb, Rubbed Nettle Herb, Dried Peppermint Herb), Yucca Schidigera Extracts, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger 
Additives (per kg): 
Vitamins: Vitamin A 30,000 IU; Vitamin D3 2,800 IU, Vitamin E 400 IU 
Trace Elements: Zinc 100mg (as sulphate monohydrate); Zinc 50mg (as chelate of amino acid hydrate); Manganese 20mg (as sulphate monohydrate); Copper 5mg (as sulphate pentahydrate); Copper 5mg (as chelate of amino acid hydrate); Iodine 1mg (as calcium iodate anhydrous); Selenium 0.3mg (as selenised yeast inactivated) Selenium 0.2mg (as an organic form produced from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-3060) (selenised yeast inactivated) 
Antioxidants (stabilised with rosemary and tocopherol-rich extracts)

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